While Fanhaven is primarily a literary magazine and, therefore, will mostly feature fan fiction, we also accept fan art and videos. Please consider submitting to Fanhaven, whether your work explicitly uses established characters and settings, or is simply inspired by another story.

We are looking for work that aspires to literary standards and can stand on its own as high-quality writing outside of the fandom from which it originates. A reader should be able to understand your story without needing to know its context. Familiarity with the fandom will certainly add a deeper level of appreciation for the subtleties of the piece, but this familiarity should not be a requirement for enjoyment.

Not sure if your submission is what Fanhaven is looking for? Take a look at the Models page for stories that we believe exhibit excellent writing.

General Guidelines

Each piece must be submitted with the following information:
Title: The title of the story, video, drawing, etc.
Author: The creator of the piece, pseudonyms preferred.
Fandom: The original work from which the piece is derived.
Category: The category of the original media, e.g. film, TV show, book, video game. If the original version falls into multiple categories (for example, Harry Potter can refer to a book or movie), please list the version on which your work is based.

For example:
Title: Gandalf Goes to the Zoo
Author: Tree Fletcher
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Type: movie

Please submit no more than three (3) works at a time. The editors will try to respond promptly (within two weeks). Once you have received a notice of acceptance or rejection, you may submit more work.

Submissions should be emailed to

Media-Specific Guidelines

Fan Fiction:
  • One-shots under 2,500 words are preferred.
  • Multi-chaptered stories will also be accepted, but only if each and every chapter is under 2,500 words. (One chapter will be published per issue.) Please be aware that the editor response time for chaptered stories may be more than two weeks, and that there may be a waiting list to receive publication, as we only publish one multi-chaptered fic at a time.
  • All work must be completed before submission, including multi-chaptered fics, which will be published in multiple issues, one or two chapters per issue.
  • Please submit writing in .doc (or .docx), .rtf, .txt, or .html format.
  • Again, please remember that your story must be accessible to readers outside the fandom. Any back story necessary to understand your story should be included within the story itself, and any original characters must be introduced as such.
Fan Art:
  • Digital art and scans of traditional art are welcome.
  • Please submit only in .jpeg, .png, or .gif format.
  • Images must be a resolution of at least 300 x 300 pixels.
Fan Videos:
  • Videos should be under five minutes long. (Longer videos accepted if they create a narrative.)
  • There is no file size limit, but all videos must be hosted online. (YouTube or Vimeo are preferred.)
  • Videos themselves will not appear in the print publication, but will be represented with a screen capture and short textual summary, as well as a link to the online publication. As such, please also submit a screen capture (JPEG, PNG, or GIF; maximum available resolution) and short summary (< 300 words).